Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Spot the name

My friend got a mail from Renugaparameshwari. Think. How many future kids will get that name ?

Nowadays, names dont go beyond char[10]. Modern, hifi sounding names. You can no more identify the religion of the person from his/her name. (many modern people dont think it is necessary).

Top names i like the most..

Vishwanathan / Visuvanathan
Padma* (Top most!)

I bet the last 10,000 kids that were born in Chennai, would never have had a name similar to these. Atleast 30 to 40 would have been named Aishwarya. Most of the names would end in A. Almost all of them will have a SH sound.

Nothing wrong in naming kids like that.. only we are loosing some good names. But I see 3-Methoxy-1-Propanol kind of names would evolve soon. We are running short of names, and we wouldnt look back at Amirthakatesan.


Ravi said...

I fully agree Keerthi. I love the traditional names. Infact we have many such beautiful names. But there are still people amongst us - in the current generation - who name their kids with traditional names. Like recently, I met a 2-yr old, who's name is Vaalarivan.

Velu Nair said...

I hope I cud add a couple of my favs too.

I adore Janaki, though its short, and somehow I hv a fascination for the name Raghavendran.

:) Nice post!

Bala (Karthik) said...

"Most of the names would end in A. Almost all of them will have a SH sound."
- !!!! Eppadi idhellaam????
I think you stole the words from my mind/mouth :p :)

Couldn't agree more....

keerthi said...

Ravi, Vaalaivan.. yedho kavidhaila varum illa ? What does it mean ?

velu, Janaki.. nalla paer.. :) Ungalukka payyan porandha Janakiraamannu vainga ! I love that name too.

Bala, dont put word in my mouthsssu ! ;)

The Talkative Man said...

bala, keerthi
this is for you :=)

rasu said...

my sister's son name is Atharvan.

Bala (Karthik) said...

Look at what you just did! My colleagues are staring at me after i broke out into random spurts of laughter!
Link soooopppperrru!

"And nowadays, epic-oriented names are 'in'. If it is not Vedic and has a sanskritic origin, the name is 'out'. My friend 'Sooth' was telling me about his friend who named his kid after a character from Kalidasa. (That narrows it down to about two thousand names) My friend tried to recall the name, but had total amnesia. After half an hour of trying, all Sooth could remember was that it rhymed with an airlines. Delta ? TWA ? This didn't seem to help. Then he also remembered that it rhymed with a motorcycle model. Could it be Vespa, Kinetic Honda ? Wait a minute, Then he remembered it also kind of rhymed with hot milk and the name was ...Meghdoot ! Fancy name for a brat who looked exactly like a Ramaswamy or Munna Lal."

Karthik S said...

some simple names I like are Kanamma, chellamma. The irony is that even tamil fanatics are having their kids/grand kids named in Samskrit. I have some of these friends in my circle but they name their son, varun, arjun. daugters are named anaka, pratyuksha blah blah....

The problem naming kids with simple names is that you will appear to have not done any homework. If u name them with the most uncommon name then u appear to be a parent who really takes care of ur kid !!!! or atleast that's my theory..

Iris said...

hmm... What is the use of big names on papers when every one calls every one else by shorter and shorter nick names?
So, I shall henceforth address you as keerthivasan Rajamani (got reminded of Ayyampettai arivudainambi kaliaperumal indran/chandran ?? :)...
Jokes apart, I like a lot of names that we just dont hear being used anymore... But it is personal preference isn't it?

keerthi said...

TTM, Bala, Imagine that someone in north india names his kid "Romba Suththam" which means So Pure in Tamil :) Adhe kadhai dhaan !

Rasu, Nalla keedhe ! But this is not one of the old names.. no one used to have that name.. :) idhellam modern-sophisticated names.

karthik s, Exactly.. By the name of parenting people these days too much on unwanted things..

Iris, see.. Kids choose names like Iris, no matter how big their name is.. :P.. I prefer being called Keerthivasan Rajamani.. In mumbai airport, it so happened, that my hotel driver was with a board saying "RAJAMANI".. i ignored it and walked past, then realized.. "That could be me !"... Damn this first name - last name concept.. But yes.. as you say it is personal preference.. but, we cant be having short funny names.. Rishik for example..

Iris said...

Rishik is not funny.
Shorts are comfortable... so sometimes we wear them:)) (in names or in clothes :)))