Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sun Rise

Im sorry for the torture im taking you through, but I couldnt really help bragging about my fast growing photography talents. Appoint someone good to kill me if you want.

Been to Marina, yesterday.. and you know what I did.. dont you ?

After that I tried hitting the sun, inspite of a warning from Sony and my friend Navanee. They both said that the CCD would Damaal if exposed to direct Sun. Infact Navanee's Canon's CCD was completely damaged on exposure to Sun. Luckily the kind Canon people cover the CCD under warranty, and gave him a free replacement. Not knowing if Sony has such a warranty, I tried this picture on Auto mode.


Very disappointed with the quality of the picture, I sat over and turned the knob into Manual Mode. Thats when the fire got ignited. I changed the exposure timings. 1/6th of a sec to 1/1000th of a second. And then it clicked. Or I clicked.


I was so very happy to see the way, this picture came out. After that, the beach, the Sun and my Sony H5 screamed like hell.

So dear GVB, Magic Lens, Kaleidoscope and all the photo gods, Wish me luck ! Im going to take it further.

Announcing a Photoblog ! The Photoshop Blog will serve my photos.


Iris said...

It does look good:)...
The sun looks still too bright though(hurts my eye... that is how i know..)... I think you can safely crop off the sun... I think it looks even better that way... Try it..
Yet another photoblog(sigh!!)... people are queuing up to get commented upon.. Its your hell/haven... I am just the messenger ;)

Velachery Balu said...

Keerthivasan, Wish you all the very best in your photoblog initiatives.

Shooting sun rise or sunset may not damage you digicam sensor. Other time shots may harm the sensor. Take care.


karthikeyan said...

I do have a DSC-H5 :)
How long you are taking photos with H5?

Nice Shot ..