Friday, July 14, 2006

WorldSpace ad video featuring A.R.Rahman

It used to be Jana Gana Mana beeping always, whenever a Car goes reverse. But now, its been almost replaced by the Airtel tune. Either it is the super-power of Airtel Marketing or it is the magic in the music of the Genius - The Airtel tune is a hilarious hit.

Now, Rahman has become a brand-ambassador for Worldspace. He features its Ad and even more, he has composed a Signature Ad music.

I like what Rahman says in this Ad. Music. There's so much to listen.

Vadivelu kooda solli irukkaar.
"Isai enbadhu - Kaththara Rayilla irukkum.. kuththara kolai kaaran kitteyum irukkum" :)

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hussain said...

keerhi ... kalakitta thaleeva .. thanx so much ... long live rahman!!