Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Avyukta Bundle

There are two PCs that I have intimate relationships with. 73DJC1s at office and Avyukta at home. Both these PCs are loaded with applications that are of comfort to me. But, whenever Iam out on someone else's PC, I get lost in the uncomfort zone. I get a feeling that I couldnt do something without the software that I use, and my mind refuses to use the Alternative Software available. For instance, Firefox(infact along with some of the extensions). Having used to it for long, I hate when I see multiple windows getting open. So, If my work on the PC is more than a few hours, I just download and install it before I do anything else.

Similarly I cant digest when i play music on Windows Media player. I need Winamp to survive. So thats another application I download and use. In specific, I also download the MMD3 skin.

I am not used to Notepad. I use Key Note. This is a neat notepad like scrapbook that gets autosaved. So, whenever I press Ctrl+C, I miss Key Note very much if it is not there. So, thats another download.

Google Talk
is more comfortable than the GMail Talk. I somehow prefer that. So, Adi oru download.

And there are more comfort-applications that I wish to download, each time I sit on a Alien system. I wish I have my own setup file, which on download and install, would install all my applications of my desire on a single click.

Is there a way I can make a setup of setups ? Installshield or something ? Let me know if you know how you can do it.


Happy Birthday Avyukta ! (Happy Janmashtami !)


sreekrishnanv said...

you could do this. Download what all you want and have it in a folder. Then there are lot of installation setup creation software. Which you could download !!

and then create a setup file with that (by triggering all the exe's u have in that folder)

once the setup is created make sure that setup holds all the exe's . Else Zip the setup + the exe files and put it up in your mail inbox !!

Ranganathan St. said...

me does the same thing about Firefox :)

Krithiga said...

(a) Buy a pen-drive if you don't have one already.

(b) Get Portable Firefox.

(c) Move most or atleast 80% of your work online. Yes. It is possible. And the experts and visionaries advocate this.

Having an unreliable internet connection and an even more unreliable OS viz., Windows XP, I do this.

Essdee said...

Hey Dude.. I came to Avyukta expecting to see a nice picture of Avyukta on his b'day as there was one last year !!! Missing that :( ...

Aravind said...

as krithiga has mentioned check out portable apps .com and get the portable version of all ur favorite softwares(well most ) to be used from a portable drive and can be used from ur hard drive as well. does not required installation. just run the exe file.currently commenting this from portable firefox.
for archiving use 7-zip -open source.i like winrar too but it isnt free.(adhanaala enna ippo).

Bala (Karthik) said...


10A starts....

Anonymous said...

Try Portable apps - http://portableapps.com/

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