Sunday, August 27, 2006

Change Skin !

Have a rare mobile ? Or a mobile thats out of production ? Or a local brand mobile ? Then you must face the problem, that I do.

I got this Samsung C100 last year, after being impressed with the Key pad. Still i believe, this is the most beautiful keypads of all mobile phones.

Unfortunately, I used my mobile extensively, and the key pad decomposed like the way you see it on the photo. Then I went searching for a panel for the phone.. and Nobody had it.

All Nokia model panels ar available everywhere. But what about others. Sony Ericsson and Samsung and LG ?

Burma Bazaar is a solution.

They got all possible mobile phone panels, duplicate ones, all for under a 100 bucks. But they dont change the panel for you. For few models it is simple. But for models like mine, Its really difficult. I spent one afternoon doing this work, and atlast my mobile looks new again.

Try Burma Bazaar. They got a whole lot of important things for real cheap. Just check your Sani position in your horoscope before going there. :)


Iris said...

>>Just check your Sani position in your horoscope before going there.<<
LOL :)... I am already scared of chennai... This warning does not boost my confidence:)

Already switched to the new blogger? How is it holding up? Any strange bugs? Irritating things?

keerthi said...

I havent switched to the new template yet.. as long as it allows to edit the HTML code.