Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dasavatharam is spotted in the city and all Kamal fans are rejoicing the poster.

Vettaiyadu Vilaiyaadu is up for August 25th. Im not believing this one.

There are news leaks about Kamalhaasan and Charan making a new movie (is that titled Marma Yogi ?).


Jacky said...

Honestly nothing is so intriguing about the poster after all the hype and hoopla that Kamal is testing different getups in US.
May be they are underplaying which is better for the movie but if he were to enact his old roles again it's a letdown for fans who expect better.

keerthi said...

jacky, true.

Im not fascinated about the make ups.. i love the natural getups of kamal in Hey Ram.. thats the face of one man changing in time.

Hope 10A is good in story and satire. (i heard its a satire movie).

Anonymous said...

Keethi you got to believe it as the ads have come out in paper and I can see bookings started in US.