Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fly Kingfisher !

Back in Mumbai, and how happy am I to see Mumbai on Al Qaeda targetting this city. Cops and Guns everywhere, and Security checks in my office entrance has increased to a greater extent.

Iam not really bothered. I am eagerly waiting for next Sunday to fly back on the Kingfisher. My company, for a change booked Kingfisher on my current Mumbai trip, and I thought I would miss the Jet Airways care and affection. NO !

Kingfisher services (may be a marketting strategy for a limited time.. but this one's good) include picking up your baggage from the entrance. Bell boys take your luggages, the moment you show a Kingfisher ticket, and take you to the Check-In. Not many Kingfisher counters, and so Indian Airline counters had been invaded.

Get into the neat plane, welcomed by RED-Airhostesses with a bright smile. This part of Kingfisher, most people would feel the difference. All seats have a TV at the back. I thought this was just another gimmick.. but it was really useful, when they gave a welcome kit, with a ear-phone (A very poor quality earphone.. loose contacts). No torturing Abhinayams in the name of Secrity exercises. Instead, Yana Gupta flashes on the screen, and gives Safety Instructions. Novel Idea.

Having used to Taj food with Jet Airways, Kingfisher food was very inferior comparatively. For a small Chennai Mumbai trip, i really wouldnt mind it. The television comes with 15 channels, including NDTV, Sahara One, TEN Sports and few other video and Music channels. Most importantly, there's a facility to track the planes directions and speed. Well, we got absolutely nothing to do with that data.. but you can show a mild shock when you see the plane zzzwwwing into 180 KMPH from 30 KMPH in a matter of seconds.

On the whole, Kingfisher can be a very strong competitor to Jet Airways if they could sustain the care and increase the food quality.. (Did I tell you, the leg space was very good on the economy class even) !


Adaengappa !! said...

Do they offer KF beer on board ?

susan said...

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Chakra Sampath said...

Great! this is the kinda feedback one wants.. though I don't think I wd use KF or Jet in the very near future, I am sure I would be reminded of this post when I get to travel in KF some day.

keerthi said...

prabhu, No way ! Just Kingfisher Premium Packaged Drinking Water :) Ambuttudhaan

chakra, KF is gujaals ! superaa irukku !

Balu S Iyer said...

pooda sappatu rama

Anonymous said...

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