Sunday, August 20, 2006

Im tired. Why ? Narayanamurthy Retired. Thats why !

Forget all the corporate rules. Why would a man get out of the Fort that he built ? Too much of ethics in here. Does this put Asim Premji in an embarassed situation. Ah.. heck i dont care about them all.

What pissed me off is the media. News channels yesterday screamed about Infosys Saga. Probably I would have expected the News channels to talk about it, had they not. Well, now they have. So, Im taking the other side. They took a mic to an employee and asked an age-old stupid question.. "How do you feel !". The poor employee, working on a Sunday, wasnt sure how to react. People think they are super genius, when they say "well, Im happy and sad". :) well, the reporter just got a scoop.


Just as i left the news channels, I saw the Pakistan dressing room at Lords. And ESPN did not change the feed. Soemthing was fishy.. and actually it was catastrophic as time went by. Even the kids who come to play in the ground next to my house, will never have a cheap fight. Umpire Darrell Hair penalised the Pakistan team for Five runs. Pakistan team reacted by not coming out of the dressing room to play. So, the umpires called the match off and awarded the victory to England. But someone convinced the Pak team, and after quite some time, Pak wazlked into the field. I could imagine how bad it would have felt within Inzamaam, when the crowd went Boooo ! as they walked into the ground. To make things worse, the umpire adds a big Booo ! and stated that the match was already awarded to England and Inzi had to walk back with a nasty insult.

What a game ! Dont tell me you missed it. If you had, read it here.


Narayan said...

cheh i dont have ESPN at home :( what a classic event. Lets see if someone's uploaded the video in youtube.

Sriram Srinivasan said...


It shows how good Infy guys are in CEO branding. "The poor employee, working on a Sunday" working on weekends = Painful but then thats the way every IT services company work right? I think that employee whould have thought what difference it is going to make if the CEO retires, I am working on a weekend thats the reality.

indianangel said...

Good one sir! I saw the cricket news too - what a shame, that shows that this is a game that has moved from sportmanship and has no longer its lust!