Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jillendru - Jillunu - Sillunu

The movie has undergone title changes, and the last one is awkward. Pudalangai Tamil names.. to hell with them. Some tamil activists and hardcore tamil bloggers could explain the funda behind naming movies in Tamil, with all the western culture within.

There was a good satire about this in Pulikesi - where Vadivelu would say, you could do anything in the content, but the name has to be in Tamil. Otherwise my people will insensibly start to fight. Point.

Shoo.. shoo.. wave that out. Infact wave everything out. Tune into Raaga.com and listen to the preview songs from Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. "Munbe Vaa" and "New York Nagaram" are cool songs that we are going to begin to chant on the Anna flyover very soon.

Psss... come here. Give me your ears. Did you see the right hand of Surya ? Doesnt it look very similar to his left ? :) There was a logo on it. Get the point ?


Iris said...

not able to zoom in ...

Ravi said...

Keerthi, don't know why but when I saw the pic at first glance, I couldn't help notice Surya's fingers - they seem abnormally long and esp his right hand thumb - doesn't that look strangely over-sized. Wonder it some touch up work was done or if the original was from a 70 mm film ;-)

Regarding the logo, yes I can see the pepsi logo below his right hand - more like a watermark.

Sivapriyan said...

It's really nice. Good writing.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

After a long time...probably ( MHO ) after Kandukonden...this is a superb album in tamil by ARR.

This will be a fitting reply to all the 'Andankakkai's' of recent times.!! Not that I don't like HJ. We need good competition to get the best!

keerthi said...

iris, thats the max size ! Visible difference ?

ravi, i didnt touch the right hand thumb.. its naturally there.. only the palm and the other fingers.. :) So, not my mistake :) There was a logon on his hand, and I didnt want that logo to appear. So, removed the logo and placed the hand. ! Adhe !

sivapriyan, thanks !

venkittu sir, Which song do you think will be the pick of the album ? I bet on Munbe Vaa !

Iris said...

illaatha ondrai irundhai solli adhaye ippozhuthu illai endraal eppadi andha illa ondrai paarpathu?
Now that i am looking for flaws, I see that the lower part of his palm is... well.. skwed:)... dented:)... and his palm lines have flattend... that struck me oddly colored.. but then I was mislead looking for a non-existant logo ;)
Now on i will look for photoshop's foot prints in thy photos.