Monday, August 28, 2006

Sparkles *

Many were disappointed reading my post on VV. Many thought I was harsh about the Title. Please understand it isnt a review, and is not neutral. It is a perception of a Hardcore Kamalhaasan fan.

Alrighty.. Dont even think for a moment that the movie is a piece of trash.. It is not upto the expectation level, and its only a mistake on the expectation level. Simple.

Here are a few sparkling dialogues, that I loved in the movie !

Aaradhana : "Are you some sort of Nostradamus ?"

Raghavan : "Much wiser.. Policeman !"


As Raghavan is about to break into the suspects house
Anderson : "You cant break into a house without a proper warrant."

Raghavan : "Mhmm.. We do it all the time in India.."


Aaradhana : "What are you doing in New York. ? Software ?"

Raghavan : "Illa Hardware.. Deputy Commissioner of Police. Crime Branch"


Thanks to Arun J for commenting the following dialogue.. this got a huge applause, not for the meaning.. but for the dialogue delivery.

Raghavan : I hate crime against women, even if it is not my jurisdiction!


Arun J said...

Some more sparkles!!!!!!!!
-I hate crime against women, even if it is not my jurisdiction!
-Back in my country, it is called "Raghavan Instinct"

barath said...

good one..
by the way hav u read this

Ram said...

One more here,
Ilamaran: O!@# vaada pona thadavaye un mela oru adi kooda padalai
Raghavan: Indha thadavaiyum padaathu vada.
The delivery was superb

Arun J said...

many thanks!!