Monday, August 07, 2006

Toy Story

Yesterday, Dachchu came out with a Cap. Quite a fascinating one (atleast for me), it had a cap and a sun glass, which can be slided up, if unnecessary. It was cool, and looked good on the kids face (doesnt it ?).

Its refreshing to see the novelty in the toys that Dachchu plays with. Intelligent Cars. Fancy Spiderman Gadgets and many more. The last thing i remember playing with, when I was a kid, was a "Naanai Bommai". And today, my friend tells me there is a Toy Car in Life-Style that costs Rs. 30,000. Holy ****. I wonder if even rich people might buy it.

Dont know if you understand the term Choppu ! We used to bring all the wooden Choppu's from each persons home and assemble at a house and play with the wildest possible imagination. Everything being static toys, that are enamel painted. No battery toys. The greatest skill was to carefully take home back the Choppu's that I took from home. Half the play time was spent in packing and unpacking in that box.

Even my cousin brother's kid days didnt have too much of technology in toys. Just a battery operated toy. Goes forwardf and backward. Thats all. The greatest hype was given to a Remote operated car, which I have seen in most of the houses.. and most of them were broken. A remote car hardly stands a week.

Gone are those days. The new generaion kids have Cellphones of all models. Helicopter toys that really fly. Cars with all possible functions. Cool Sun glasses. Expensive and cool apparels. And oh yeah.. the Foot wear.

Everyone of us wants to be a Kid again.. For many reasons. Be careless.. innocent.. and lots of non-billable hours. :) ... One more reason could be to enjoy the toys of these days. Just too good.


indianangel said...

Very true!Childhood days are the best that one can ever enjoy Carefree and innocent!

Chakra Sampath said...

going by the variety of toys my son has got, i too want to go back by 3 decades.

Iris said...

i prefer choppus (and those girl friends;)

Aravind said...

malarum ninaivugall :-)..namakku lam LEO toys than..
"non billable hours " hahaha....