Thursday, August 03, 2006

Varalakshmi !


Happy Birthday, Mahalakshmi !

Dhaanyam Dhanam Pasum Bahu puthra Laabham Satha samvathsaram - Deergamaayuhu !

Thats the ending of Srisuktham. People those days knew what to ask. (The best request form being the Chamakam). Now, people ask only for mercy ! We need to learn how to pray. We need to learn to ask the right questions.

Be it Google, or be it Mahavishnu.. Ask the right question, and you will get the answer.

Light note : There was a kid, who used to pray every night and request for a bike. He never got a bike. Then he realized God doesnt work that way. So, he stole a bike and asked God for mercy !



thennavan said...
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thennavan said...

Good one Keerthi but not to nitpick, that line is a generic one and not an ending for Sri Suktham (maybe it was added as an "idaichcharugal" :-)). Sri Suktham ends with "vishwapriye vishnu manuunukoole thvath paada padmam mayi sannidhaswa" for Iyers and "sandhadhamvrutha vashatkruthyam sandhaththam sandheeyathey prajaya pashubhihi, ya evam veda" for Iyengars and both groups end with "Om Maha Devyaicha Vidmahe, Vishnu Pathnaicha Dheemahii, Thanno Lakshmi Prachodhayaath" which is the "Gayathri" (slokam) for Mahalakshmi :-).