Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Andra Mess Strategy

On the Old Mahabalipuram Road me and my friends went out to lunch in a nameless Andhra Mess. Fairly decent food considering the location. Me and my friends, each of them from each IT company located contiguously met at a point and searched for a eat-out place.

Lots and Lots of Andhra Mess were found. Why were all of them Andhra Mess ?

By default, any IT company here has more than a lot of people from Andhra. And most of these guys prefer to eat outside. This is not a guess. The proof is inside these messes. Full house. Gongura Packed (not jam-packed). You will find these places just outside CTS, TCS, Accenture/Wipro/Sathyam. These are not regular hotels. They are small houses converted into Messes. Naalu chair oru table potta hotel. Avvlodhaan.

But not all of htem are authentic Andhra messes. They just give it that name. It is all Tamilnadu taste. Sambhar Rasam and Poriyal arent as Kaaram as a Andhra mess has. Been to Supriya ? In T-Nagar, close to the Power house bus-stop. Thats one authentic Andhra mess.

What we went yesterday was a 2 bedroom house. We were in the Second bedroom having lunch ! Anyone with an idea of making easy money, can buy a small house and start cooking. No big deal. You will meet your ROI in months.

Approximately Rs. 30 per lunch. 30 is too much for it. It is worth the money, but it would cost very lesser inside the city. Aththuvaana Kaattukulle idhu kidaikkaradhe periya vishayam !


Anonymous said...

hey you are getting better at this reporter/travel writing stuff.. or may be i have learned to understand it better :)
either way.. good!
I get a feel that you are not on a new assignment from EF to mumbai.. thou hath switched.. (that with the debit card, and credit/airport platfaaram ticket..)

keerthi said...

iris, aamam ! moonu ezhuththu IT companykku maaritten !

Tamizhan said...

Why so many gulti's in IT industry ?

indianangel said...

Vaanga Keerthi! Nalla post! Namma area perumaiya messulendhu eduthu viturukeenga! naanun kullukkal nadigagial vida mosama nammala kulukkara andha Highway road'a pathi oru article kaari thupannunnu nennakaraen mudiya mattengudhu. Neenga konjam unga style'la seyyareengala??? :)

Anonymous said...

have you been to Kanagadurga Andhra mess called in T Nagar ? That has the best andhra food in chennai. when i was in college, we used to go every week to have food that satisfies us both by quantity and quality. This andhra mess changed places thrice and it is located in natesan street( the one parallel to Ranganathan street) andhra messes in OMR ellam sutha waste