Friday, September 08, 2006

Appaada !

After Five days of continuous Activa rides on the Old Mahabalipuram Road, Saturday looks like heaven.

Ippadi oru pozhappu thevaya ?

Its taking time to get a Bus Pass for the Company pick-up and drop. Until then, I need to vroom with my Honda. It is an advantage on one hand, and a disadvantage on the other hand and the other two legs and even the whole body. Pain on the ***, you know ! Literally !

This is why, the blog isnt getting too much of updates,... and even the story is dangling. Ill complete it before the weekend.

You know what Im doing ? Playing a full-throttle AR Rahman, from Jeans

"Vaaram Aindhu Naal, Viyarvayil Uzhaikka..." :)

Bakki lyrics naane pottu paaditu irukken !

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