Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cho Chweet !

"Today is Mysorepa Day" says an Ad for Sri Krishna Sweets in The Hindu. Today, in their outlets, 1 KG Mysorepa would cost just Rs. 99, instead of Rs. 195. That certainly is a great deal. A lip-smacking deal, that is going to invite huge queues to the outlets.


I guess we all got bored with the Mysorepa (even though I wouldnt mind an occasional bite). Relatives and Friends have, for each of their visit, bought home the Mysorepa. And when I used to buy the same, my friends or relatives would say.. "Idhellam romba bore adichu poyiduththu !". Though it sounded uncultured to comment like this, it was true.

Romba thigatti pochchu. Now the trend is slowly moving on to the Kaju Kathlis. I WILL NOT ACCEPT KAJU KATHLI AS A SWEET. Edho.. chumma oppukku vechchukkalaam. I know many of us dont like Over-sweet. I prefer sweets that are a little too sweet. All these Dry fruit items costing too-much and taste with a mild-sweet are huge hits. People buy them to show status. Wonder why people like those. We could eat chappathi-maavu for that. (Have you tasted Arisi Appala Maavu.. ?)

Jhangiri, Soanpapdi, Paalgova, Badhusha, Halwa, Rasagulla, Champakali - if these are called sweets, then you can call all the dry-fruit varieties as Kaaram. :p Talking of Soanpapdi, there are new varieties of Soanpapdi appearing in the shops. Horlicks Soanpapdi, Chocolate Soanpapdi and Banaras Soanpapdi. Full marks to Banaras Soanpapdi from Krishna sweets. Top Class.

Aavin Paalgova, Brijwasi Rasagullah, Agarwal Bhavan Halwa, Paarvathy Bhavan Jhangiri, Shri Mittai Badhusha.. aaha ! (உள்ளம்தான் கள்வெறி கொள்ளுதடி)


Anonymous said...

kaalangaarthaala... :(

Chakra Sampath said...

I beg u to stop with this..
No more posts on sweets pls.
I promise that u'll have at least one comment a week from me.. :)

Me too said...

Paarthaale Paravasam! Thanks for reminding me about the one piece of Ananda Bhavan horlics Mysorepa from my India trip that is waiting to be eaten!!

Romba thegatti pocha?! Oru 4 months Madras vittu anupina sari aagidum!!

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

keerthi, pachikkira nerathula unga post padichcha, avlo thaan.. pachiyeduththe aal seththuruvaan..

enna thaan sollunga.. jelabikku edakumaa

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

//Romba thegatti pocha?! Oru 4 months Madras vittu anupina sari aagidum!! //

correcta sonneenga, me too

Keerthi said...

adede ! First, ellarum enna mannichidunga ! Romba vayitherichala kottikittena ? Am sorry ! BTW, Yesterday 1 KG mysorepa rocked the city and the shops were full till evening.

Aparna, aaha ! You tempted me.

Karthikeyan, I rarely find a Jelabi lover. Few of my friends are die-hard fans. I love Jilabi with Vannila ice-cream !

Aravind said...

i was reminded visiting a krishna sweet buffet @ hindu lifestyle show last year .more than 100 varieties of sweets and savouries. pay 50 Rs take a reasonbly small plate given and u can allufy how much ever on that plate and go out of the stall and eat. i tried my best got a variety of em.ate them. but don ask me what happened later in the day..

Lavanya said...

inga Denver-la onnum kidaikkama veruppa irukku!