Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fireworks - RKV

Fireworks Chennai

Fireworks like these used to be my wallpaper, way back in 1997. It used to be a fantasy, something that can never be seen in our country. I wanted to go to US, dip my feet into the water and watch July 4th ceremonies. Then one fine day, I saw it on a distant sky. Should have been Triplicane Sky (I was seeing from Villiwakkam !). Adn after that occassionally, I've been seeing such fireworks on some Temple Celebrations.

But since last year, this kinda fireworks is exhibitted in the sky above every home! Guess this firework has gone cheaper. My friend got one last year, for Rs. 5000. It displays spectacular fireworks for 30 minutes and after that you can start cleaning the ashes. Deepavali Over.

Since then, a lot of fireworks like these are seen. A lot of them, actually. And this Pillayar Chathurthi was another instance where almost all the Pillayars going to the sea, had someone ignite the sky.

Anybody know, how much this thing costs ?

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