Thursday, September 21, 2006

Guess the Song

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What song ? What movie.. ? Should be an easy guess !

I havent heard the song completely, because I dont like the lyrics. But I was forced to listen to this song that was playing in my company bus. This interlude was interesting. Came back home and wow ! It suited the 5.1 :)


sree said...

thozha thozha thol kodu konjam saanjiokkanum !!

ya the lyrics are stupid .. i dont like it either .. but the music is awesome !!

Aravind said...

at the end it reminds me of an old song "poo malayil ore malligai".
i like the violin bit in ragasiyamai in Dum Dum Dum..

Venkitu said...

Wow..Fantastic song Keerthi...enna Movie pls.?