Saturday, September 30, 2006

Gurudatchanai !

I used to carry my school fees in my Geometry box, below that plastic holders of the compass and divider.

I joined my school with Rs. 30 as a monthly fees. And ended with somewhere around Rs. 650 per month. Now its way higher still.

Old people talk - "Education has become very expensive.. They have made Education, a business".

Well, thats debatable. Lets talk about that when we get old. For now, lets get the news from the picture shown. Three words. PSBB. Online payment. Wow.

This is a list of Online Bill payments from ICICI Bank. And who is the interesting name in the list ?

May be it was there since long, but only now I was looking into the Bill payment section of ICICI. Its a great feature for the parents (of PSBB). Neednt stand in the pathetic queue and neednt give their children and ask them to pay and sit and worry about it.

But tell me something. It doesnt feel satisfying when we realize we have paid something at the click of a button. It feels good to stand in the queue and get a dirty receipt. How do you feel about that ?


Arun J said...

I hate queues!!
Especially in chennai. I have had the experience of standing in mile long queues in the hot sun......

narayanan said...

I once bunked 2 classes just to pay exam fees :-)


Anonymous said...

above all, it would be a waste of time to queue up just to pay your bills. In fact, give standing instructions to the bank. tell them to pull money automatically and pay the merchant. you can sleep in peace, and just monitor ur bills