Saturday, September 23, 2006

Keyboard Sathyanarayana

The Video above is taken in a concert by K. Sathyanarayana, a young chap who performed a wonderful Ballet Dance on a Korg Keyboard. I was photographing the event and thought I'd make a short video clip of the ending part of Vaathapi Ganapathim. Awesome music. Great job, Sathyanarayana.

This kid is 11 years old, and seems to be famous from his 9th age, for his this talent. He plays Carnatic songs on keyboard with extreme accuracy and poise. He makes carnatic music enjoyable, for even an illeterate guy like me. I havent known about him until yesterday, and after this concert, i went to this Website of his, and found great testimonials. Hmm..

In the video you see, you'd se four hands. Two hands that achieve, and two hands that support. The supporting hands is what was the talk of the day. His dad (i forgot to ask his name) was clearly instrumental in this success of Sathyanarayana.

Two things are important for a dad. One to support his son to chase his dream. And Two, make him dream good. Im sure this kid can grow to great heights. A lot of people spoke about Child Prodigy yesterday, and you all know that Im not very comfortable with that word (may be because i wasnt one, when I was a child).

But my advice to all these guys with Child Prodigy is that, Innovation without Insanity is the key. We've read about kids who do all that genius stuff at a very early stage, and get noted on Aananda Vikatan or Hindu. But, they dont really meet the prediction of the news article, when the future arrives. Why ?

Because, when these guys grow up, every one is capable of doing what was so great to the kid at his age. If the kid fails to groom up the talent and gets saturated at a particular level of fame, then growth stops there. That is why Innovation needs to get in. Note this. Note this. Mind you, Innovation without Insanity.

:) Sounds like my KRA... Im not able to do that, even at my age. Heck !

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Venkitu said...

Wow..super kid indeed. I think I saw him in SUNTV a few months back..and was amazed by his talent.

Great Job Keerthi in posting the Video. Loved it.