Saturday, September 16, 2006


POGO is not anymore within the TV. It is in Dachu's hands. I guess the name is Tele Tubbies, and wonder how these names alone enter the kiddos mouth, when he still calls me keeythy !

I find these stuffed toys in a lot of homes, and a lot of kids are now citizens of the POGO kingdom. I never thought, when POGO entered, it would replace Cartoon Network. But clearly in CAS Chennai POGO is next only to the SUN TV mega serials.

Even adults are amused by Just for Laugh GAGS. Mr. Bean is invariably a favourite show among all ages. Although I dont watch all these, I get regular updates from every kid I meet.

I dont think Disney made a huge impact as expected. By the way, is Toon Disney a free channel ?

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