Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sathyam Vs The Universal Set

Sathyam is showing Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu on a special 7:30 Show (Also in Shantham). Doubtless, it was a full house, and mostly it housed Pattu Pudavais and Veshtis. People came wtih their families early in the morning to see Rape and Murder. Well, I'd been there to watch Kamalhaasan one more time, and to listen to the dialogues that did not make it to Abirami Speakers.

It isnt a good habit to compare between theatres. But who cares about habits.

Most of the background score and some minute-atomic-cute dialogues in the movie, never came out of Abirami Speakers. I had watched "Manjal Veyyil" song in Sathyam during the Audio Release function. It rocked the very minute. But after nearly 5 months watching it on Abirami proved disappointing. The song didnt have the effect, it had in Sathyam. The very moment, we decided to watch it again in Sathyam. And Janma Sabhalyam today !

The Second time didnt alter the first opinion, however. But Ravivarman and Harris Jayaraj showed up. There is a difference in Color. Subltle difference in Sound.

What is the point in having a technically superior movie run in ordinary theatres, when the effect which it means is not felt ? Why should The Sound Engineer and the Cameraman toil ? For screening on Sathyam alone ?

I wish the theatre owners put a part of the money they earn, back into the theatre.

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