Wednesday, September 20, 2006



Camera: Sony DSC-H5
Exposure: 0.013 sec (1/80)
Aperture: f/3.5
Focal Length: 28.4 mm
ISO Speed: 320

Only on Marina.. You'll find all the Coke and Pepsi brands aligned on the same racks.

Otherwise, elsewhere,
you'd ask for Coke and the reply would be "Saar, Pepsi dhaan irukku ! paravaayillaya ?"
you'd ask for Fanta and the reply would be "Saar, Mirinda dhaan irukku ! kodukkattuma ?"
you'd ask for 7up and the reply would be "Saar, Sprite dhaan irukku ! rendum onnudhaan, odaikkava ?"

They arent exactly the equivalent drinks, but the shops equate them. Is there a match for Gold Spot ! :)

Oh yeah.. the pesticide flavours ! There's too much fuss about the 0.01 % pesticide inside these bottles. It went to the extent of Banning these drinks in many states. Thank heavens, Not Tamilnadu.

Are you a health concious "Oh no ! No carbonated drinks" guy ? Whats your take on states banning these drinks, when they permit alcohol !


Ravi said...

Keerthi, me too a BIIIIG fan of Gold Spot. True, nothing to match it. Drinking it gives me the same taste as that of that round orange mittaai (sweet and sour). Great that you are a fan of it too. I used to love the ad as well - "The Zing thing, Gold Spot!!".

Compared to Pepsi, Coke, I like the local aerated drinks like Bovonto, Fruitnik.

Btw, on your take on not banning alcohol, I think its not the same thing. Alchohol has been stamped as something bad but whereas Pepsi is accessible to everyone including kids and most people do not realise the harmful effects of aerated drinks. Though the ban is debatable, equating it with alchohol may not make sense as the distribution, awareness of the two are not the same.

Aravind said...

panneer soda is an alternative :-)

indianangel said...

namakku indha endha kandraaviyum pudikaadhu maazannu onnu irukkum paarunga illa frooti-nnu onnu irukkume adhudhaan best! :)

injey said...

I didnt understand the significance of that photo until I read the title. Nice one.

Padma Iyer said...

Bottle of alcohol warns that drinking is the major source of losing ur cash, car and girlfriend. So thats one reason not to have unnecessary bans on alcohol..
But namakku yelaneer thaan...
Drop by my site sometime..

Narayanan said...

to me the ban was totally uncalled for. the CSE or whatever org had a report on pesticides in carbonated drinks, then they shudve published and put it for debate.

i think the state government(s) made politics (and money) out of it.

The debate after the ban is like:

'saar cinema paathu payyan kettu poittan'

'i was born intelligent education spoiled me'

ennatha solla...

Narayanan said...

BTW I have lived on carbonated the last few years. I havent died or had any health problems out of it.

if you like it, drink it. if you dont, dont drink. idhukku ivlo periya arpattam. did you see the reaction to the Kerala court decision. chinna pulla thanama irundhudhu.

Shrikanth said...

Bovonto is very good. Try it sometime