Sunday, September 17, 2006

காலை எழுந்தவுடன் நல்ல திரைப்படம் (Today's movie - The Bicycle Thief )
பின்பு நல்ல Beat உள்ள Super பாடல் (Today's Song - Loose Control - Rang De Basanti)
மாலை முழுவதும் Travel (Today's Route, just like everyday - Old Mahabaliburam Road to Villiwakkam)
என பழக்கப்படுத்திக் கொள்ளு பாப்பா !



indianangel said...

vaasthavam dhaan! inga uslayum adhudhaan nadakkudhu! enna villivakkam badhila villa estate old mahab road badhila old shepard drive , avvalvudhaan vidhyaasam :)

injey said...

Whenever I visit your blog, an error shows up saying that some script is making Internet explorer slowo and it may crash. I have to abort the script everytime.

Please check.

And this is a nice blog. Keep it up.

tt_giant said...

LOL! so it did make it to post then!

Me too said...

Valluvar & Bharathi-ya oru kai paathuducha unga Monday sickness?

And me too have to hit a lot of yes/no getting into your blog/comments section.

Keerthi said...

Prasanna, :)

Jey, Rectified. Thanks, and thanks. :)

Deepak, anything goes :)

aparna, :) How was Siruvalluvar ?