Sunday, October 22, 2006

Adappongadaa !

My Speaker adapter puttukichchu ! So Avyukta is currently not entertaining us with the usual audio it does. So, with not much choices left (Local theatre rates for Godfather / Varalaaru - Rs. 150 ), I settled with Oru Kallooriyin Kadhai on Sun TV. One of my many mistakes that make me eat my head.

Konnuttaanunga.. Che ! Are movies being made like this ?

Thoongu moonji Arya is a hero ! There's no freshness in his face. Pick any tamilian and tell him Sonia Agarwal is the heroine and record the happiness in the face.. Andha happiness kooda illama oru Pathos face Aaryaavukku. Moreover the movie has a beyond-the-limits sodhappal story / screenplay. If the movie was style in Gautham Style, the movie would end in 12 minutes. 2 minutes for Jyothika introduction exclusive.

The disappointed me came back to Avyukta and started browsing the net. And I thought I'd read a review of the same movie on Indiaglitz.. And they have ended like this.

Arya steals the show with a good performance and giving him ble company is Sonia. This is not a run of the mill college caper story. There is a touch of reality in many things.

Whaaw ! Why wouldnt reviews on Indiaglitz, Galatta and Cinesouth be honest ? Chumma any movie becomes a must watch movie.. Nonsense.


ada-paavi!!!! said...

i said long bck the movie is crap.

and sonia agarwal hero na eppidi sandosham irukkum? she is someone elses future pondatti!!

Zero said...

I thought some sequences had the potential to impress the audience.

Like Sonia Agarwal testing Arya's true love by uttering his name in the feeblest of manners to see if he turns back.

For a moment, I fancied a nice twist that the "Truman show" was on Sonia Agarwal!

Jeevan said...

That's why i went to beach to avoid this very sad movie. yesterday was very bore day for me keerthi.

indianangel said...

indha movie'ya osila koopitta kooda naan paarkamatten!

Narayanan said...

'unna evan indha ulaga thollaikatchiyil mudhal murayaga thiraikku vandhu sila madhangale aana' padatha ellam paaka sonnan ? OC'la (100 Rs for a month long subscription to megaserial channels :D) avlo dhaan kedaikkum.

ozhunga Mudhalvan, Padikkadhavan paaka vendiyadhu dhaane.

injey said...

I know! I know! Never trust Galatta particularly. I think they praise every movie so that they can get the actors and actresses speak in their website. Or does the producers pay any money to these sites. I cant find any site with realistic reviews on tamil movies. Tell me if you find any

Keerthi said...

Vatsan, Sonia Agarwal heroinennu sonna oru herovukku sandhosham varanumaa ? Vara vendaama ?

Zero, No way dude.. indha paruppu friendship stories dont impress a lot. You seriously liked it ?

Jeevan, very true.. boring.

Prasanna, :) Oru warning koduthirukkalame

Narayanan, Ezhudhich chellum vidhiyin....

Jey, Naamale Ezhudhinaathaan undu. I trust blog reviews to an extent.

sankar said...

sorry for the late one...
arya mattum thoongu moonchiya theriyala...all the technicians who worked in this film seems to be...idha konjam arya partha inimay muzhichiparunu ninaikiren..