Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ajith, Vijay and Kamal in a Single Movie

How would it be if Ultimatestar, Ilaya Thalapathi and Kalaignyani act in a movie ? We are missing such powerful casting in a movie, may be because Tamil heroes are burning with Egos. We cant expect too much out of Tamil Cinema anyway.

Di-Caprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson are casted together in THE DEPARTED. Not an intriguing story, but the reviews call it a "grandiose masterpiece". Thats something. But i smell this story already in tamil. Someone can prompt the name, if you remember well.

I'd imagine a similar story for Vijay Ajith and Kamalhaasan like this.

Baddy Kamalhaasan is Velu Naicker. Dheena Ajith is a loyal thug under him. Velu Naicker does a lot of good things for the public, and murders the corrupted officers. Dheena does most of the murders under Naickers command.

Entry to New ACP Thiruppachi. Thiruppachi as soon as taking charge, goes undercover and joins the Naicker gang and starts gaining good-name. Meanwhile, Dheena is sent on a undercover operation to join the police department. Dheena smells someone from the police department has gone to the Naicker gang. And Thiruppachi smells someone informing the Naciker of the happenings in the police department.

The Hunt is on. And Naicker moves the strings of both Dheena and Thiruppachi smartly, and puts them both at gun points against each other. Who stays and Who gets departed ? Thats the climax of "Nayagan & Sons".


narayanan said...

ennappa solla vare ? if you are skeptical about Departed, it is a Scorsese movie. His movies are not about story, its more about style and narration. Watch 'Goodfellas' or 'Casino' you'll understand what I say.

யாத்திரீகன் said...

>>>> moves the strings of both Dheena and Thiruppachi smartly <<<

bassu.. idhaan matter.. how good a screenplay is at this place.. is what makes this story interesting.. and this is where exactly our directors screenplay is just a flop.. (atleast most of them..)

Jeevan said...

Super kathai keerthi!

Keerthi said...

narayanan, Am not skeptical. Just being comical about Tamil cinema. I've seen Goodfellas' and thats why i want to see this movie badly.

Yathreegan, Screenplaynaala mattum oru padam success aagaradhu kidayaadhu. I can show you tons of crap movies, which succeeded without even a story and a screenplay. However, I agree with your point.

jeevan, adaponga neenga vera !

narayanan said...

me too me too!. is it releasing in India anytime soon ?

Inside man, I guess is coming to Indian theaters. vandha paaru. I guess I did send you my review too.


Anonymous said...

I liked the movie.. i expected a hangover of its orignal "internal affairs".. but it holds its own...

Scorsese's has his own style of telling story.. try his "gangs of newyork".. try tarantino or clint eastwood's movies for that matter... they have their genre...

but i felt this movie had some semblence with our kuruthipunal... what say???