Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Diwali Greetings - 2005 (?)

diwali greeting

Last year, for Diwali, I made this greeting on Photoshop. And its got hit this Diwali on Google search. I was shocked to see a hit counter on the Photoshop blog.

How you can create a similar one ? Follow these steps on your Photoshop.

Open a 1024 X 768. Fill it with Black. Scribbled a agal vilakku. Then a Red Jwalai. Then its oragne and yellow shade..Then Blur it. Then run a Palette Knife filter on it.

Viola ! You got it.


Well then, heading up for a very long weekend. 23rd being the indecent appearance in between Diwali and Ramzan, many of them at work have decided to kill it with a Leave request. That would mean a weekend that will Start from Friday and end by Tuesday. Ahh ! The sound of the very word Vacation seduces me. I wish I were a kid going to school, and you now how happy we were going back home from school on a Diwali holiday. Hmm.. sometimes growing up aint that much fun.


As a prudent worker, I was using the cab services of my company. It was beyond Twelve in the midnight, and I was going home with Big FM screaming out loud. The driver made all possible efforts not to make us sleep. OMR to Villiwakkam in close to 35 minutes. Would you believe it ? That was rocket speed.

The cab driver hit the brakes only when he crossed Usman Road - TNagar. Why ? There was crowd on the road, outside Saravana Stores. How come ? They were doing Shopping. SHOPPING. S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G

Can you believe it. Midnight 12.20, we find people inside Saravana Stores doing shopping. Gawd ! I know Diwali shopping is at Surge. But not this much. Wow.


Whats with this Funky Shankar ? I've been listening (I would love to say "Forced to Listen") to FM while travelling from and to my company. And the drivers (aka Radio Jockeys) depending on their moods switch between Suchi and Suriyan FM. And in the evening, Suriyan FM is inevitable. Many guys in the bus render a "Tch.. Tch.. O" when they hear "Hello People !! this is suriyan FM and you are with the one and only Funykyyyy Shankar !!".. Some of the people in the bus get excited on hearing his voice. They love his programmes, and make sarcastic comments (which Im getting to like) about this guy. He is an absolute Sodhappal. Of course, it is difficult for any one to run a program, but adhukkaaga ? What makes it so funky and cool ? Anyone likes that program ?


How about a small contest ? Design your own Diwali Greeting and send it to me.
The best one gets featured on Avyukta (Duh ! Idhellam oru contestaa !).

Use photoshop or whatever. Mail em to avyukta@gmail.com


Narayanan said...

enna driver ba avaru. diwali season'um adhuvuma usman road, pondy bazaar vazhiya povaanga.

i've heard shops are open until 1 am, but never actually been there in that crowd.
I did get the feed reader working.

Jeevan said...

I will try your tips to creat this Pic. Keerthi Diwali plan ellam nallavea poduringa:) I have watched Funky Shankar's Blade in Sun Music, will try to sent u a Diwali Greeting.

injey said...

Advanced Diwali wishes!!!!!!

Been a silent reader of your interesting blog for sometime. I wonder how you update it very frequently. Good job.

I am sending you my entry to your contest as well. :)

Good going buddy

Shrikanth said...

I see the Saravana stores being crowed always at 11.00 in the night since we take that way after 02.00 to 22.30 shift. it is not for Diwali but always that Saravana is crowded till 12.00. Naan ninaikirren avanga panaththa Yenna night shift poduvanga pola..