Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ee Adichaa dhaan Copyaa ?

Listen to them. Listen to them.

Guess the songs ! I know thats easy. Guess the raagas !

Do they sound similar ? Yeah they do.. HJ copies the Rahman beats in many places / movies. Thats all ok. It aint any big mistake.

But adhai kandu pidippathil oru asattu santhosham.. thats all.

BTW, did you listen to the BGM in Vettaiyadu Vilaiyaadu ? One of it sounds like the Taal beat by AR Rahman.


vatsan said...

ARR - narumugaye
HJ - that tiruvarur song?? or iyengar vettu?

everyone copies everyone all over the place.

Narayanan said...

whether HJ's songs are copied are not, his beats are way too saturating. dont feel like listening them a lot except a very few.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


I always have a feeling that HJ is a recycle king. I debate it all the time with my friends here.

This is a classic example! Hats off to you. You are a genius my friend.

I am going to write about you tomorrow with this post of yours..if you don't mind.!

Jeevan said...

Epadi thaan nenga mattum kandu pidikerengalo!!

Jo said...


Not quite sure, but I heard composers like Harris Jeyaraj, Deepak Dev etc had worked with ARR. So how can we make sure if the 'originals' were not the baby of HJ?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Yo keats... you are really a genius, and also have a lot of free time on your hand.

Sundar said...


I am writing this bit after talking with my friend Narayanan, who pointed this link out to me. Narayanan and I frequently discuss copying in tamil film songs and this goes back to our college days in the eighties.

I am not really shocked by your revelation as I have known several other instances where Harris seems to have lifted bits from ARR. For example, listen to the song Musthafa Musthafa (Kadhal Desam) from 3:58 to 4:18. The guitar bit. Now move over to the song Azhagiya Theeye (Minnale) from 1:41 to 1:55. The resemblance is uncanny. When such lifing happens too often, one wonders how long admirers are going to employ the excuse that the bits are all Harris's, which he invented when he was working with Rahman.


Poornima said...

Hi Keerthi,
Came here from NV sir's post.
I beleive the humming in the BGM of Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu actually is the humming thats there in 'Prince Igor' - Warren & Sissel [Though I am not sure, because I heard the humming throughout the movie and after that when I heard this 'Prince Igor' song, I was able to remember the same humming in VV too :)]

Keerthi said...

Vatsan, As I wrote over the post.. Copying is no big deal.. adhai kandu pidippadhil oru asattu sandhosham.. Avvalave !

Narayanan, very true. Thats why I wouldnt compare him and ARR and Ilayaraja

Keerthi said...

venkittu sir, Recycle King !! What about Deva ? Oh yeah.. Xerox Machine :)

Jeevan, ellam appidiye varudhu !! Kandukka koodadhu, nanba !

Keerthi said...

Jo, This could be a brain child of HJ.. may be.. But give this a try. The use of Veenai in both the songs, not just the interlude i posted.. but the whole song would sound very very similar. All possibilities that HJ wanted to do a song like that.

Anon, Thanks dude (or Dudi !!). And I have the least time on hand than anyone else. Seriously.

Keerthi said...

sundar, aaha ! Super resemblance. But, has AR Rahman taken the credit off HJ when HJ worked with him ? I think ARR gives due credits to his crew. If Flute Naveen does a good job, we get to know his name !!

poornima, let me listen to that !! Thanks for the int (read as Hint) ;)

Adiya said...

Yes.. i agree with jho..

I am not a grt8 music genieus to comment .. but there is a twine of a difference between plagirsm and inspiration. if you closely watch h.j worked with a.r.r and he might have inspired with this song thats it.
In my dictionary deva is also a music director producing less muciscal infrastructure compare to IR, ARR or whom ever..

just for a sample IR gave his ilya nila to hindi composer ( mile mile umber keya ) and got kannavu kaanu vaaazhi ellam ( kadal meenikal ) from him ..

in s/w industry we call it as immediate fix or patch release or work-around for the current business problem. Furtther creative people like him working under constrained environment for other complusion or what ever factor he would rendered this.

in fact HJ re-produced( not -recycled ) andan khakha konda karri - anniyan song from his old version kolla puttu vangi in arasathi arjun movie.

but andan khaka is kind of big hit as he retrospected his compositions and reproduced with new director, new lyrists, new singer to reach it to audience community.

i am sorry if i crozzed my limits and i am just a music buff and not stunch personality to comment either.

but i like ur last sentence even i do that "adhai kandu pidippadhil oru asattu sandhosham.. Avvalave !"
Nanadri thalai.. lots of energy in those statements.

ranganathan said...

Comments written to NV Sir...

வணக்கம் தலீவா..

நைனா...எயுதறப்போ பாத்து எயுதணும்...அப்டியே எயுதினாலும் போடறப்போ பாத்து போடணும்...மொத தபா தப்பு பண்ட்டியே!

மீஜிக் பத்தி நமக்கு அவ்ளவோ தெர்யாது...இருந்தாலும் இந்த மேட்டரைப் பத்தி சொல்றேன்...கேட்டுக்க...மன்ஸ¤ல வாங்கிக்க...

எம் எஸ் வி ஸார் கீறாருல்ல, அவரோட மொத ரெண்டு பாட்டு, அதாங்காட்டி அவரோட மெட்டுல வந்த மொத ரெண்டு அவர் பேர்ல வர்ல...டிக்கெட் வாங்கிகினு பூட்ட மிஷ்டர் சுதர்ஸன் ஸார் நேம்ல வந்துது...இத எம் எஸ் வி ஸாரே ஒரு இண்டர்வ்யூல சொல்லிகிறாரு...

நம்ம ரகுமான் ஸார் கீறாருல்ல, அவரு போட்ட ட்யூன் தான் 'புன்னகை மன்னன்' தீம் மீஜிக்...ஆனா, பேரு இளையராஜா ஸாருக்கு...அதுவும் வெறும் மீஜிக்ல நம்ம கமலும், ரேவதியும் கூத்து கட்டுவாங்க பாரு...அதாம்பா டான்ஸ¤..சூப்பரு போ...! அந்த டான்ஸ¤க்கு ட்யூன் போட்டது யாருங்கற...அட நம்ம ரகுமான் ஸார்தாம்பா!

அதே போல ரகுமான் ஸார்கிட்ட அஸிஸ்டெண்ட்டா கீறச்சே, ஹாரிஸ் தம்பி போட்ட ட்யூனா ஏன் இருக்கக் கூடாதுங்கறேன்...அந்த பாயிண்ட ரோசிங்க...அதான் திங்க் பண்ணுங்க...

நைனா! உன்ன மாதிரிதான் 'காபி' தேவா, '2 ட்யூன்' எஸ் ஏ ராசகுமாரு, 'ஈயடிச்சான்' ஹாரிஸ்-னு நெறய பேரு கூவிகினு திரியறானுங்கோ...கொஞ்சம் மீஜிக் தெரிஞ்சவனுங்கோ இந்த மாதிரி பேசிகினு, எயுதிகினு...வேணாம் நைனா! கொஞ்சம் அடங்குபா!

தலை! இந்த மாதிரி மேட்டரெல்லாம் போட்டு உன்ன கலீஜ் பண்ணிக்காத துரை!

Bala (Karthik) said...

Good catch!
btw, ARR has also done his share of lifting, albeit early on but deinitely not as blatant as Deva or even HJ

Plus, the interlude of 'thannerai kadhalikkum' from MR.Romeo is taken from Madonna's song [think the song is 'Frozen'].
Also, 'Telephone Mani Pol' in Indian takes its rhythm and bass from 'All That She Wants' by Ace Of Base

Mysorean said...

That was the work of a genius. No not HJ, yours! :P

As you say, it happens everywhere there is a thrill in finding out where and when!

Keep it going Keerthi!

(came here from Narayanan Sir's blog)

Dinesh said...

its funny how u guys credit like this :

1.HJ some bits sounded like some ARR bits...the theory u guys provide is " mabby its HJ's contribution for ARR that time " ... how do u explain Mudhal Kanave that has 1 tune that was a direct lift from Leo Coffee AD by ARR during 1989/90 ?? that time HJ wasnt even with ARR...??? how do u explain on Kumari sounding like En Uyir Tozhiye which was released 2003,ofcource we know HJ is already out of ARR's camp! and ofcource the famouse Kathal Yaanai having some essence of Maro Maro & Secret of SUccess from Boys?!!

Anonymous said...

Its not only this case....also the very hit of HJ is based on AR's number....

Vaseegara's beat...is completely from Jiya Jale....

Aravind said...


thats a great find...

there is one more which i found out sometime back.. I posted it in my blog
check it out


Ani said...

Nice catch that ....

This and everyone who copies Rahman ..I don't really blame them now ...I believe that they all are influenced by a genre of music which I guess we can comfortably name it as 'Rahmanic'. Rahman's music is now a stream of music in itself I feel ...


Narayanan said...

There are a few songs which I did compile from Deva's that are good to listen to. Pretty sure they are'nt inspired.

vijay said...

Thats a good catch!, i have nt notice that before. Any way but harris music is not bad, its entertaining, that the main thing.
As for as A.R.Rehman is concern, he repeats his tunes in some songs. But he is the Great, I love his music for whatever reason.

A.R.Rehman Example:

Movie: Karuthamma
Song: Kokkarako.. Kokka..k Ko

Compare with:

Movie: Minsara kanvau

Song: Hilkore.. Hilkore..
Hilkore.. Hilkore..
(song: Poopukum osai)

Ram.C said...

I cannot find or identify raagas to the core... But I believe it is universal to all and resemblances will definitely there.

However, that's good work (I mean the research work) and output, Keerthi.

Anonymous said...

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