Monday, October 02, 2006

The End of Navarathri


My mom's friend had this Kolu at her home. She is a veteran Kolu keeper. Its been her passion since childhood, and she spends about Rs. 5000 every year for new Bommais. Most of her toys were new to me, and were excellently crafted. A lot of them were purchased at Kuralagam.

It was a room full of Kolu, and it took me close to twenty minutes to look at everything. The first three were cool. The Kalyana set. Then people cooking for the wedding, and then people eating in the wedding.

She has won awards at various Kolu competitions. Arranging all those 500+ Bommais patiently deserves a lot more than that. Most of the toys are 1980 bought. They look new till now. Thats how they are maintained. The end of Navarathiri should be a disappointment to her, besides the kids that enjoyed this vacation.


Jeevan said...

All doll's are very beautiful, the first pic was so nice. Sundal sappitingala Keerthi:)

WA said...

maavu aaturadhellaam inimel ipdi bommaila paathaa dhaan undu (Thank God for that though). Bommai ellam rombha nalla irukku

praphul krothapalli said...

Cool blog. The layout is really cool. Keep going>>

indianangel said...

nalla photos keerthi! naanga oru dhadavai kooda golu vecchadhe illa :(