Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Ramzan from Diwali :)

Ramzan - Diwali ?

I attempted to take a photo like GVB Sir and asked my mom to facilitate it. So she did, and here's my thathikinathom photo. Not even close to the inspiration, ille ? Hmm.. You need the eyes on the fingers. Am still not getting it anyway. But I shall not stop(Dhoda !).

I could see a Pirai and stars here.
Happy Ramzan, from Diwali :)


tripleR said...

actually its v.gud keerthi..i think the desire in you to capture has bought it well..

Nandhu said...

ya keerthi. even i like the photo. at least to my lay man's eyes they look damn good. is it done with slow shutter speed?

Keerthi said...

tripler, Thanks :)

Nandhu, :) thanks.