Thursday, October 05, 2006

The March of the Gunyans !

No, Not the March of the Penguins.. its the March of the Chikungunyans.

Had been to the Doc two days back. I was the odd man out, there. Everyone else were the Chikungunyans. Only the name of this disease is funny. But the effects are horrible, and sometimes fatal. I wonder how, within a short period of time, this has spread to a greater extent that the whole of Chennai is screaming this word.

I was confirmed negative for Chikungunya. Thank heavens. But the doctor was telling something that we should take a note of. If you have Chikungunya, or know someone who has.. Please avoid taking painkillers, as they directly hurt the kidneys and thats what has been the cause of the deaths so far. Please adhere to what the doc prescribes.

I know some people, with a little knowledge of medicines, start behaving like a home doctor. Little do they realize that it could cost a life.

People, please do not advice others on medicine. Thats what the MBBS people are there for.


Adaengappa !! said...

//Thats what the MBBS people are there for.//

And don't even go near any MunnaBhai's.... !

indianangel said...

take care sir! ovvoru seasanume soligradhu vaazvendral, edhavadhu noy varume! :)

kundhavai said...

For this disease, effective homeopathic vaccination is available. may be people can make us of this.

Keerthi said...

Prabhu, :) You mean Vasool Raja's ?

Prasanna, Ovvoru Doctorume Solgiraare, Noy Vandhaal Naangal Kodukkum Marundhu Saapidungaleen !

Kundhavai, Could you please detail more on that ?