Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Of Hospitals in Chennai

Since when did you start seeing advertisement hoardings meant for Hospitals in Chennai ? I havent seen them until very recently.

One biiiig awkwardly close-up shot of a monkey smiling for Apollo Hospitals for whatever reason.

The Aunty climbing the stairs, and suggesting us the Key Hole surgery at the MIOT Hospitals.

And now there is LifeLine. Lifeline is a Multi-speciality hospital, and I see it everyday on my way to work. It is on the OMR. A very huge facility. Initially I thought who might want to come all the way from inside the city to this remote place. But the parking lot is full, and I also hear the hospital is doing quality business.

There is a Weightloss Surgery they have mentioned, and thats something Im studying now. Hospitals are now taking turns, and they are no longer the way they used to be. I visited three websites today morning and looking at them you'd feel something has changed. The modern managers inside the hospitals are redefining the health-care sector.

Have a look
Lifeline Hospitals

MIOT Hospital

Apollo Group
Just dont go through the tarriff part. Apollo's room rent starts from Rs. 900 appx. Well, this should definitely attract ICICI and GE.

Low interest Key Hole Surgeries at attractive EMIs. Operate now. And pay when you suffer. Hurry ! Diwali Offer.



Anonymous said...


what happened ? i can't find ur favorite blogger list.

VenkatRangan said...

enna thala,
its been a long time since u posted any of ur regular stuff like....some tamil saying...or foto....kola velai pola...

Chakra Sampath said...


As someone from the very division of the above company, may I ask you why and in what way? :P

Keerthi said...

anon, Its still there.. Just invisible.. Will set it right.

Venkatrangan, Pottuduvom.. yes konjam velai Balu jaasthi..

Chakra, GE Finance.. heard of it.. ? Adiyaal kooli kooda EMI la vaangalaam

Chakra Sampath said...

oh... here GEF restricts itself to providing branded credit cards.. when u mentioned GE, i thot u were going to talk abt acquisition..

Shrikanth said...

Many People in my company had a tough time and faced service deficits with Lifeline.