Sunday, October 01, 2006

VGP Universal Kingdom


I had been to VGP yesterday, after nearly twelve years or more. I felt VGP is much better than MGM, atleast for a reason that it has a beach. Pretty economical Rs. 100 tickets are packed with some Ten free rides (of which only three are enjoyable). The Roller Coaster is Wow ! What an adrenaline !! It does not have the up-side down turn like the MGM, but it has more than two free falls.. Everyone Must be on a rollercoaster atleast once in their lifetime. You'd know how it would feel to die by falling from the Suicide point.

And there's a MIXER, that takes people on a ride and goes in all possible directions. There are more than just Three Axis. Mixer is a special addition to VGP and a "must go" or atleast a "must watch" ride. I was bold enough to say NO to that ride, and videographed the whole event. There were a lot of Bengalis, Hindhis and Telugus besides my tamil friends. But once the Start button was pressed, they all spoke a same language. Fear.

Do not settle with that old restaurant in the front in VGP. I had a big fight with those guys, for lack of service. Then realized, there was a much better restaurant inside. MGM has standards in this. VGP sucks there.

It was a great day after all, and what was more amazing was that we were able to easily get there. Yester years, our family would plan for this VGP day and arrange some travels car and start by early morning. It was a very long journey out of the city. But now, it is very much closer. As close as going to my office :)


Jeevan said...

Glad u have good entertainment in VGP. I too visit VGP 10-12 years back.

Ravi said...

Keerthi, VGP has always been the affordable theme park. I remember the early days when the entry fee was Rs.10 and you would get a snack for it too. MGM, these days, for some reason has lost its old charm. It badly needs a facelift, the prices are too high and the navigation within the park now seems messed up.