Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wallet Bursters

I was standing in front of a very colorful Allen Solly rack. Half Slack plain/striped shirts are my specifications this time. What I forgot to mention was the price range. Every shirt was tied with a heavy price tag, as close to Rs. 1500/-. Why are these shirts so expensive ? If any arguements are glued with quality, they might have to answer my Peter England Elements for Rs. 395/- and been with unfaded colors for the past 18 months.

I found the same color pattern shirts for a little over Rs. 400 and settled down for those. However I managed to develop an agony or some kind of punjent INTUC kind of feeling towards expensive shirts. I am a person who wouldnt mind spending for something with quality. Even if I dont have that much of money, I'd wait and not settle for anything lesser. But when it comes to these shirts, I dont know how to measure quality. Certainly I dont think these shirts are worth this much.

Can someone explain the reason for these high price rates, and how they have been successful in India (if they are) ?


Shrikanth said...

I think it is with the people who believe that anything costly lasts long. I have had bad experiences with live-in trousers that were costly and many other cheap and decent ones lasting long. It is how you maintain and not how much you buy for.

Narayanan said...

why is'nt your feed working with Google Reader ? :-/

Ravi said...

Keerthi, fully agree. These brands are hyped up and generally when you pay so much you expect it to last long but it doesn't. I would prefer a cheaper shirt which I use it for a year and dump it than buying such expensive shirts.

Anonymous said...

check out the same shirts at the factory outlets when they fo on sale, you can get them for a lot less