Friday, November 10, 2006

Chennayil Mazhai ! Veetukkul Veyyil !

The reason we have Shreya Goshal (all of you get full marks for guessing right) on my page is becasue of this song.

Awesome voice. Both Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Goshal.

GV Prakash has done well with Veyyil. However it is too early to comment.

Music directors like Joshia Shridhar, Suresh Peters, Dheena and D Iman were all too impressive in their first few movies but failed to show creativity in their subsequent ones. Most of the times "more-than-adequate-recognition" will make the creative minds to suffocate from creativity.

What the heck !! Why should a music director be consistent to get a good name. I say if the Music Director had made atleast one song extremely good to listen, then he is a good music director. I say GV Prakash is a good music director.

Coming back to Shreya Goshal. Marugudhey Muruguthey song is a ordinary sounding song, yet very catchy. When it played on Radio Mirchi, I called nearly three of my friends and asked them what movie it was. Luckily Shrikanth guessed it to be Veyyil, and Avyukta started playing it on loop.

Thats how I started wondering, why people in the background never get the due credits. Shreya Goshal, Mahalakshmi and Saadhana Sargam have given new genere of voices to the tamil heroines. But they havent got the fame as much as the Vaala Meenu guy. Do wise and get unnoticed. Do Stupid and get famous.

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Sesh said...

Hi Keerthi,

Very much true.. These singers hav created a trend now..

Vaalameenu can b a song dat can be heard wen u r happy, in a party mood.. But songs sung by these singers wil touch ur soul, their classical trainin make them sing any kind of song wid so much of ease which others cant do it wid so much ease..

So these guys wil mark their presence which wil last long..

oru chinna change, d song s uruguthey maruguthey, not maruguthey muruguthey