Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ilayaraja Soup

Ilayaraja is caught in a situation. People are taking a picture of Periyar. Take my word, the movie will be a utter flop. Yet, this movie is creating controversies since Big Bang. Kushboo was a controversy. Then Thankarbachan said he wouldn't record the scenes involving Kushboo. Now it is Ilayaraja who is blamed for not having accepted to compose music for this movie.

Gnyanasekaran is the director. The director of Bharathi. I did not like Bharathi. But people have given the same "More-than-adequate-recognition" to him as well. He is now directing Periyar.

Periyar is some person who was dead before I was born. But yet, I get to hate his take on God. I dont care what he believes. But I believe in something and he or his group dare not try and hurt it. I hate the board in front of Srirangam Raajagopuram which says "Kadavulai Nambubavan Muttaal. Kumbidubavan Kaattumiraandi". A few people who dont believe in God think they are more mature than the the ones who do. Thats debatable. But placing such boards in front of temples ? Only rogues propagate those principles. Not decent fellows. They want to invite arguments or irritate people.

Now this is the same group that is trying to make anything and everything about Periyar a controversy. Is Ilayaraja not free enough to say "I don't like Periyar. I wont compose music to a film that talks about him" ? He has all the freedom in the world to refuse a contract, for whatever reason he likes.

Guys. Periyar is a great guy who tried to abolish Caste based discrimination. Agreed. People who want to worship him, go ahead. But don't keep creating controversies in his name. The man is dead. Let him rest in peace.


Shailendra Rao said...

Really? I never knew such a signboard existed at Sriragam. How come it is still there? Surely something must have been done about it.

And nice picture there, I initially thought it was Coundamani.

Anonymous said...


I really wonder why u don't like Bharathiyar ?
really he was a gem u know.

Anonymous said...


I guess, Keerthi would mean the film Bharathi and not Bharathiyaar, and the 'more-than-adequate-recognition' is for Gyanasekaran and not Bharathiyar.

kannan said...

Keethi read the article on this Illayaraja issue in Junior vikatan this week edition. AFter reading that, I feel ilayaraja would have initially refused on the grounds projected by the rationalists and now he wants to amend it by giving this interview.

VenkatRangan said...

May be the gy is dead but the political parties still use his name for all reasons.They can expect a big opening in kerala for this film, he has a river named after him there.
I don buy his principles,but the guy was against patterns, that interested me a lot.

btw, I have the same opinion on Bharathi as you did, may be the film was hyped so much and also praised so much more than it deserved, but I really appreciate the guts to make such a film.NO one even Kamal attempts this kinda stuff, he is spotted with Bharathiar quotes all the time and uses it in his films too ( Mahanadhi climax and all)

MAy be Illayaraja would have denied because the songs may have a atheist touch in it.

I am not standing for Periyar, but I am just saying he has done a lot kore than just caste stuff, he is responsible for changing the tamil alphabets in a easy writable way.(Ezhuthu Seerthirutham) and all that.Let us appreciate that.

Jacky said...

Someone must tell Raja not to mix personal ideologies with profession. As a composer he has to see only the scope this film offers him, nothing else.
IR is a pseudo, if he's really serious about his religious sentimentalities he wouldn't have a hardcore atheist like Kamal on TIS podium. TIS wasn't an attempt to patronize Isayum, tamizhum, even IR said it was about Isaiyum tamizhum, kadavulum. Raja acts like a man of high principles but Thalam thatta vendiya nerathula thattuvar!

SamY said...

ilayaraaja is quite a believe in god ... atleast to the public :) ... the man might have a million reasons to deny ... he doesn't have to dance to everyone's tunes

what these guyz did back then was nuthin short of racism

@jacky: what he does as a composer is absolutely his choice ... not for us to make ... it his freedom

Narayanan Venkitu said...

A Question for all Periyar Dhasans - Why do you celebrate his Birth and death anniversaries..! Remember what you preach?? Why don't you practice it then..Hypocrites.!


Again Periyar Dhasans - Would you dare put such boards before a mosque or a church? Would the Govt allow it.!!


Jacky said...

He showcases himself as a man of high principles but he has his own whims and fancies and would bend his so-called principles for his near and dear. I won't bother to comment if he says NO to any Tom, Dick and harry in Kodambakkam giving no reasons. That's his creative freedom but this guy is selectively doing it under pretense of his religious sentimentalities which itself is highly inconsistent.
Bala's Nan Kadavul is said to have atheist touches but there business viabilities maul his religious sentiments.
Not to forget, he has already scored for a few veluprabhakaran movies.

Keerthi said...


Come to chennai. We will go to Trichy. We will remove it. And then we can go to vellore. :)

Anon #1,

I like Bharathiyar. It was the movie im talkin about..

Anon #2,

You got it right dude. Thanks for the clarifying Anon #1.


No matter what Ilayaraj is trying to do.. he has rights.. Illaya ?


We certainly should appreciate them. But that apart i dont appreciate any of his Anit-God principles.


Why should someone be consistent about something ? It is like this.. When you are talking, when the listeners are under your level then You Rule ! No oppositions to your words.. and you are the king. But when you are talkng to people above your level, you would compromise your opinions.. Andha madhiri dhaan !


True. Periyar name is not being used to abolish castism. Instead they use his name to maintain it.

venkittu saar,

Nachhunu oru kelvi ketteenga !! Let me post your question to others.

dany said...

completely agree with jackys views on this. IR could have denied w/o giving reasons but giving a reason as its an atheist movies is not believable.

i am sure he would have scored mucis for some song which talks against GOD in his career

Prabu Karthik said...

Anonymous said...

yes ilayaraja has every right to deny . But on what reasons?. People say he denied based on principles. (sorry i havent read anything on this ). So ilayaraja believes in god so he wont compose music for a movie that portrays an atheist. Well and good. BUT....
1.what about RAPE scenes?!
3. Piran manai nokkal
4. nethu raathiri yamma...types
etc etc..
remember? he scored music for beauty contest in Bangalore

I had very high regard for ilayaraja . i still have even after so many controversies (fights with vairamuthu,balachandar,maniratnam,barathiraja..)
but he is slowly loosing his halo. the lesser he talks the better.

he is isaignani!. no doubt. But not gyani of every thing. Sundhara ramasamy wrote once " there are very few people who spoke as nonsensically as ilayaraja on indian spirituality" HE MAY BE RIGHT!!

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