Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Master Actor

If there is a great actor who was much better than even Sivaji Ganesan, it was Balayyah.

I do not know his full name or his other details. I was searching for him over the internet and couldnt find any.

I know there are a lot of Balayyah fans out there, and I suggest a Wiki to be started under his name.

The phenomenal actor who was patronized in most of Sridhar's movies. His voice and expressions are just so spontaneous.

"Asogaruu... Asogaru.. ! Unga magarungalaa ?"

"Pssss.... Nilagalagandam.."

"Ammaa.. maariyammaaa.."

A very disciplnied actor who was mostly taking the elderly roles. And how well he fit those ! No one can forget Thillana Moganaambal. You would find an authentic Thavil-vidhvaan there. Then a estate owner in Kaadhalikka Neramillai. Wow !! And the Baanabattar in Thiruvilayaadal.

If you have seen all these movies but havent seen Balaiya in specific, I reccomend you revisit these movies and closely watch the body language of Mr. Balaiya.

Calling out all the fans of Balaiyah.. now dont just start a useless community in Orkut. Make a wiki. Let us research on this man.. not his personal life, but his Movie Career and document them. If this fellow gets a Wiki then Balaiya certainly deserves one.


Jacky said...

Nagesh, Balaiya, Cho and Chandrababu were miles ahead at comedy than Jumanji Ganesan. It's a pity that they didn't get their share of accolades.

Ravi said...

Keerthi, I am really surprised because I did the same thing - searched for his profile/other snippets on the net and as you rightly said its sad that there isn't much info. I think your is a splendid idea. We should gather more info about such greats like Balajiya, MRRadha, Chandrababu (I think there is an article in wikipedia), Ranga Rao, Cho, the list goes on...

VenkatRangan said...

It is a wonderful idea, may be we can start up with him, also the actor who played Bharathiyar in "Kappalotiya thamizhan" was also a great actor(sorry !! I forgot his name) May be I will ask ppl and try to send in some details.

Karthikeyan Muthurajan said...

Yes keerthi. If dhanush is having wiki, then he should. We can do this..

Fantastic idea!!!

Adiya said...


thats a grt8 touch. he is versatile actor with lot of hidden talents. ur right.. his villianous performance agains M.G.r ( i guess he used to munch that neela-ghala-ghandam when ever some plot made ). nice move..


Keerthi said...

Jacky, Jumanji Ganesan !! :)

Ravi, Please get started and start a Wiki. We all will back you up.

Venkatrangan, that is SV Subbaiyah. Please do send in details as and when you get to know of it.

Karthikeyan Muthurajan, Please do. Join Ravi in doing this.

Adiya, thanks.