Saturday, November 18, 2006

Negotiation Skills

How many times were you able to convince something to someone ? Were you successful ?

Predicting people's reaction is one thing. A lot of people now get that skill, because people everywhere have started behaving the same stupid way. But having predicted their reaction, to change it and get a response the way we want it - THAT IS THE SKILL.

I take a van from Villiwakkam to my office. The Van driver starts his day at Washermanpet and drive all the way to Villiwakkam. At times he is late and at times some of us who board the Van are late. If he comes late, he urges everyone, and doesn't give time for even boarding smoothly. If we are late hell breaks loose. We need to answer him. Wouldn't feel like working in a company, instead it feels like answering a dreaded professor at college. I usually am never late. But a few others have to give their explanations to the driver. Wonder even if they answer their managers that way.

Now here's more trouble. He has employed a new driver and he says, Van starts 7.45 AM and waits for no one from tomorrow. What he doesn't understand is that the Van is employed for our convenience. Of course, it is not fair on our part to come late to the boarding point. But thats not deliberate. So, we expect him to understand that.

Let me see how i can convey him that and get a favourable answer ! Suggestions ?

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rajesh said...

I think he is right. Everywhere else (Singapore / Sweden / Denmarketc) the trains reach station on the second. If you miss it, it is your problem. We have have self-digiplin