Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Onlee Maniratnam fossible !!

How is that Maniratnam alone can derive emotion from people ? How could he alone make Abishek Bachchan act ?

The Guru website is now loaded with content. Especially with some great looking pictures of Aishwarya Rai. I particularly like this picture of Abishek, because of the emotion it generates.

It comes after a phrase that says, "If people say bad things about you, you must be doing something good !!" :)

Please Check GURUTALK in the site. Some powerful words there.

I wonder if Maniratnam will come back to Tamil for making movies. I wish he does. I can give a open call-sheet. if he wants :)

Tamil audience wouldnt give Maniratnam a super-hit, as much as they give Perarasu. Maniratnam, even though claims himself as a Masala director, is branded as an art-film maker. I wonder why ! If we had enough talent with great imaginations, then Maniratnam would have been an ordinary director.

Hmm.. when a director tells Sathyaraj, "Andha kuzhandhayeee neengadhaan saar !", onnum panna mudiyaadhu !


Ramses-The Ego's Altered said...

I couldn't access any of which you've written about on the site.
trailor thavira nothing seems to be tehre,

n mani is commercial as he says,. hindi audeience respect his film more, he;ll get mroe money that way,s o. yuva may be an exception. and anyway he hasnt said he;ll quit tamil movies,la. so much ado about nothing

probably they were just doing a beta round?

ms.wise said...

Website with crisp words- has touched my heart. Thanks for the link.

Manirathnam has said in an ineterview that lately he has been doing Hindi movies, since the topics revolve non-southeners.

Front benchers exist among Hindi audiences as well ;)

Keerthi said...

ramses, you need to refresh the page. Ctrl + F5 adingo !! Mani wont click in Hindhi as well.

ms.wise, infact a lot of them exist. The Yash Chopra crowd and Karan Johar crowd will never like this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dont blame tamil audiences for Mani's recent movie failures. These movies were bad by Mani's standards. Also mani is moving away from Tamil and making movies for pan India/Global audiences. Its the content audiences didnt like, not the person. Tamil audiences who made Thirupachi and Sivakasi as super hit also lapped up movies like Kadhal and Autograph. Why cant they can accept mani's movies now. To be noted none of Mani's original hindi movies were hit or critically acclaimed. Anyday I prefer sivakasi to kabhi alvidha na kehana.