Monday, November 20, 2006

The Prestige ! The Departed ! The Fountain !

Three movies that I've been longing to watch ! Who's got the DVD ?

The Prestige is a movie by Christopher Nolan -the famous director of Memento, Insomnia and Batman Begins - all of them critically acclaimed and super hits. Unfortunately many critics have shown disappointment and resentfully commented that the movie lacks the *Magic of attraction*, which Christopher Nolan is good at. But a few reviewers say A Few people may love this movie. Well, then Im certainly going to love it.

The Departed is a movie by Martin Scorsese - the director of Aviator and The Gangs of New York. I haven't watched both of them. But I've read about the Ishtyle of the director. Moreover the star cast - Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson keep tempting me.

The Fountain is a movie by Darren Aronofsky. Who is this guy ? Dont know.. but ennamo nalla irukaam. The story is intriguing.

Paarkalam ! Seen any of them ?


barath said...

Hi, I wrote a review for the movie "The departed".
padam nallayirukku

Ghost Particle said...

prestige is a mega movie...remember to watch closely! You will love it, the novel by Christoper thats what I must get. Ive read the Separation from him, it was amazing alternative history story. I think prestige was an altenate history pictured excellently! Bale is divine.

Departed is a remake of a chinese movie, dont like gangster movies much.

The Fountain...ive been waiting for 2 years for this. Its an epic SF. I dont know whether I can get the dvd or not...hopefully soon coz my head gonna burst waiting for it.

maroonedclaw said...

gud movie but not like memento or rest of his series.

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Narayanan said...

Departed is hardly a month and a half old. DVD (in turn proper DVDrip print) might not come out until about 2 months from now.

mein havent even heard of the other 2.