Friday, November 03, 2006

Saturday ! Saturday ! Saturday !

Woohaa ! It is saturday !


Im planning to buy another mobile. I invite suggestions. I want a full featured mobile without a camera in it. Is there any ?



Usha said...

Nice photo. is it the 1,2,3 boy?

My suggestion: Phone baat karne ke liye. why have camera, television, microwave etc in it, huh? yes, I am 200 years old!!!

tripleR said...

already u hav a full fledged prof camera..then why do u need another one.. anyways, i recommend Sony Ericsson W810i

Venkat said...

Sony Ericsson M600i. Has all the features in the world (including full 3G) without a camera.

Karthik Balaji said...

Hey Keerthi, try out Nokia E60.
The all in one fone w/o camera

Narayanan said...

'Fully featured' is a very broad term, what features are you looking for and whats ur budget ?