Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shrikanth Kumar - My Friend


Shrikanth Kumar is my Baalya Snehidhan. He has an ultimate voice that even Teja likes. Just like any other aspiring singer, he took the Sapthaswarangal route. He couldnt succeed there, though, beyond the Quarter finals. However he is still persistant to make an entry into the Cinemas with his phenomenal voice.

He was home yesternight, when the power was out. I had been longing to take this photograph. I made him sing in a Candle light and illuminated just his face and hand. It was reddish, but the concept came out well. Did a photoshop to make this a black and white, and it looks satisfying... doesnt it ?

Yeah Yeah ! He wants to become the next Hariharan, and I want to become the next PC Sriram. Who wants to be the next Maniratnam and Kamalhaasan ?


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Amazing Talent!
I wish I could hear him singing.
Please send some Mp3's if you have.

You are already a PC.S ...or getting there. Very nice photo!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

next mani, naan ready :D

Mridula said...


Hats off to Ur balya snehidan.

Nitin said...

keerthi, great picture, no doubt u will be the next PC Sriram, but you should know by now that SJ.Surya is the next Maniratnam,and Simbhu is the next kamalhassan

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ha. What a voice. What a song. What a talent. Absolutely stunning. It is Great to hear him singing even without the background music like Miruthangam etc.
Please convey my wishes to him.

Adaengappa !! said...

Hats off !!

Amazing voice /Amazing talent /Amazing creativity !!

Good friends...good combo !!

Congrats to both ya pals !

Shailendra Rao said...

Amazing, he's still the same person I knew him to be.

Shrikanth said...

Dei , Sollave illai. Good one da. Thank you

Rajesh said...

I was wondering... you have said there was a powet cut when you made your friend sing and took the picture. Then how did you record him singing ??????

Anonymous said...

2nd Post
I was wondering... you have said there was a powet cut when you made your friend sing and took the picture. Then how did you record him singing ??????

Keerthi said...

Thank you all for your wishes hor Srikanth. I will convey them to him !

And abt the power cut / recording conspuiracy !! I recorded the song much prior to the power cut. I have a collection of srikanth's songs on my computer, that was recorded periodically. This is just a clipping !

sesh said...

HI keerthi,

Jus toooooo goood d a voice n very apt song 4 d situation dat u hav mentioned.. he s really gifted to hav such an enticing voice.. paadina paata romba azhaga ezhanji paadi irukkar.. romba sunaadhama irukku..

As it goes on without sayin, u hav a very good photographic sense.. hats off to u guys :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent song...truly melodious voice.

Anonymous said...

srikanth sir,
My recommendation is please send this voice to famous music directors in cine field like ar rahman, ilayaraja, devisri prasad etc....
I wish, he will become one of the famous musician.
all the best