Saturday, November 18, 2006

Simmakkuralon !

This is a vintage picture of singer Hariharan, taken from his Official Website (maintained by his fans).

Everyone those days took a photo like this. Ask your dad to show a picture of him sitting on a rock wearing a sun-glass. Im sure he has it. Also your mom would be seen in a similar pose like how Hariharan is standing.. and goes without saying their parents exchanged that photos before marriage.

Neways why is Hariharan on Avyukta ? Because he has sung Ay Hairathe in GURU, by AR RAHMAN and the music is out on the street.

The back covers of GURU has Chinmayee, Ranjit Barot, Chitra, Shreya Goshal, Alka Yagnik, Madhushree, Pravin Mani... all great voices and great technicians. (Infact there is a name - KEERTHI printed on the covers.. whoever it is, you did good to the name, my boy !!).

All these names should have given a Divine music. Unfortunately it turns to be disappointing.. But this song, Ai Hairathey and two more songs rock !

Do check out Hariharan's official site ! There's a bunch of his Ghazals on a preview. Worth listening a million times.

Hariharan has created a trade mark with his Kudumi ! And his hands painting the air while singing. Thats one thing that Srinivas has adopted from Hariharan, besides a good voice. Irritatingly Srinivas does the air painting much too much, that if you mute and see the close up, you might think he is stuck in quick sand and struggling to come out. Whatever... not my area of concern as long as god music hits the ears.

Check out Ai Hairathey !! Am sure you will go crazy about it.. !

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Vinesh said...

Srini is essentially a keyboard player, which is why he usually "plays" the keyboard in the air when he's singing.. wouldn't really say air painting like Hariharan..

The picture is so quaint,, haha. good one!