Thursday, November 30, 2006

What does this look like ?

This is an Ice tray. Yep ! An Ice tray designed by Art. Lebedev Studio.

These guys go wild and crazy when it comes to designing things. They design any object with Isstyle. Their trends make me want to buy each one of them. The Optimus Keyboard is something I'd love to have.

Have a look at all the objects that they have designed.

Some of them wild... and some of them awesome. Most of them cho.. chweet.

I am going to employ them design my Home theater system... this home theater will be in my new home in Adayar.. which Im planning to buy after becoming a manager.. which will be in a matter of years...and that...

Hmm.. Ninaippudhaan Pozhappa kedukkum.


Jinguchakka said...

But they are very costly. I guess the mark-up is more for the design than utility.
When will the Chinese rip these off and Walmart stock them?


Anonymous said...

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