Sunday, November 05, 2006

What language do you use to talk to your Peer ?

How difficult is it to write something without giving an example ? For instance, when you are trying to convey about anything with regards to feelings of human mind, anyone would want to spot an example. Whoops ! Did I ? Already ?

I think it is my immaturity with words. I recycle the same words I know, and try not to get introduced to new words that carry a very good conveyance (What was that ?!). So, to escape a lot of words, I throw in a few examples to convey things better. A lot of my GRE friends did that TOEFL and all of a sudden started speaking out words that were German by pronunciation, yet English by theory. They dazzled me and made me jealous. I was so dwarfed by them that I changed myself after that. Thats right.. I stopped talking to them. :) (Simple solutions for a small planet).

I used to think I needed good English very badly, when I get on a job. But unfortunately or rather ironically, I had no need to take the pain when I was actually into the job. All my mates were so good at comunication that we chose Tamil. Then the seniors. They spoke good Tamil as well. Only those uneducated Americans didnt know tamil, and hence had to make out words to email them. Im on my second job, and yet Im only making out with the commonly used words. The common practice is, when things go beyond the explainable boundary, we term it Complex. "Well.. it gets complex.. you wouldnt understand.. you know !!".. Thats a simple way to dodge language-impotency.

There are groups within any IT Company. The biggest of them all is a group that speaks Telugu. Almost all companies has this group, doesnt it ? No offence meant, but thats just an observation. Then there's a Malayalam group. Then there is a rest of North-India group. Tamils are a part of every group, here and there.. very occasionally do you see a out-and-out Tamil speaking group. If there's someone who wants to Violently oppose this fact, I'd like to hear from him. Only when a diversified (I almost typed it Divorcified) group sits in for a meeting, I hear English (I said Hear.. thats the only thing I do at meetings).

Not every hi-fi company has its employees speaking in English.. like what we expect. I have a question here. Language is meant for communication. You need education on language for effective communication. But if your workplace has people who speak your language, why would you converse with him in English ?

I have met a few people in my previous employment. He was from Banglore, but he was Tamil. We were both in Mumbai. But he never spoke a single word in Tamil with me. Why would he do that ?

What about you ? How would you converse with your peer, who talks the same language as you do ?

If you converse in English, dont you think it is kind of being artifical ?


indianangel said...

I ususually stick to English for all official communication as we need to deal with customers off locations and the only medium for effective communication is English! and I dont hesitate to explain in Tamil if my team has trouble understanding me - but I do that only as the last resort! But during lunch hours and other casual discussions I talk in Tamil

Anonymous said...

I for one always talk in English at work... Its the need here, because in a diverse group, even if one person talks a different language then its proper to choose the common one that every one can understand. And it needs to become a habit too, if u want to "think" in it. otherwise when we talk it will sound "translated".

But since i am generally interested in languages, even if i don't understand the speaker, i like to sit silently in a group and listen. Its a kind of a game :)... like solitaire :)

Narayanan said...

If I know the guy speaks tamil, I inevitably start talking in tamil irrespective of the place (and make him speak tamil too :) ). Something I did with my former Bangalore based Tamil roommate. Otherwise it is English.

VenkatRangan said...

u r rite!! It is artificial to talk in english with peers who are tamil, but I would prefer english with superiors as it seems like they dump a lot of their work on ppl who talk in their language :-(( I may be wrong...but it is just my experience.

tt_giant said...

If in the presence of other people who do not speak the language, it is better to use a common language (this need NOT BE HINDI). Its is kind of offensive when speaking in an unknown language in the midst of other people.

GRE words.. adhellam bajanai.. ellam olu.. peetar udrathukku dhaan..

Anonymous said...


Check out my comment, sent as message to your orkut account. reply back from there.

-Keerthivasan Iyer

Anonymous said...

I just accidentally happened hit upon this blog and started admiring all your posts untill this one came.
I actually disagree with you about the telugu group. I used to work in hyderabad and I always see Tamils roaming and talking together in group. May be the place where they stay matters.

But as far as I am concerned, I make sure that I talk english when ever there is a diversity in the group that I am addressing.