Wednesday, November 22, 2006

World Vayitherichchal Day ! - Tomorrow

I got a lot of "Happy Thanksgiving Day" greetings. Thanks. But I'm finding it funny to be wished for something I don't even know about, or ever celebrated. Anyways. Thanks for the wishes. (Should we or should we not say Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day wishes ?)

India is getting more and more familiar with American festivals/holidays. Primary reason - it is a holiday for BPO employees. Various other media are another source. Im sure Halloween will hit Chennai in the next two years. On the converse, Diwali has grown popular in the US. I got Diwali Greetings from a few Americans at work.

Break. Take a look at the typical Indian Mentality. People feel sick about Valentine's Day and other such days getting popular in India. But the same mind feels proud when our Festival is celebrated outside. "Seattlelil Gokulaashtami".. "Singaporil Thai poosam" become headline news. Same is the case when Sonia Gandhi attempts to become the Prime Minister. But imagine an Indian winning a Senate in the US. People lift their Collars and with great pride they would say "Look at him. An Indian at a High position in the US"... Why O Why ?

Forget that. Come back to the World Vayiththerichchal Day !

This is the day that Im proposing to the world. The day coincides with the Black Friday of the US. On this day, you can visit the websites of the US Stores and look at the price tag of the Exotic Electronic item that you purchased months before, now being sold for a dirt cheap price. You may then express your stomach felt Vayiththerichal at enormous magnitude. Please wear a special attire on this day. Find out if there is any costume for a Jack-ass look and wear it.

Click here , to find out the best deals of 2006 Black Friday. If you are in the US try to get a seat in the Queue in front of the store (Some stores like Circuit city allows Online Shopping on Thanksgiving sales). More importantly, If you are in the US, you may close down your chat for the next two days. Your Indian buddies are up for an obligation. If you are in India, go find your friend on the chat and convince him to buy you something cheap on the Sale day.

The Best Deal of the Year - Sony Bravia 40" is close to $800 cheaper than its current price.

Now see if you can hear this.

Happy Vayiththerichchal Day to you !

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How true.