Monday, November 27, 2006

"Yummy !" and "Yuk !"


Had been to Kodaikanal for the weekend and brought back a ton-load of photos and even heavier cold. It is a fantastic place to be and it becomes very special when you are with your friends. Break free from Stress. Loved it.

I took a cool picture of the carrots being sold there. They looked Yummy, however did not taste sweet. I thought it would at least make a very good wallpaper. We continued our journey to Mannavanur, munching the Carrots, when we saw another scene that made us nearly choke. They were cleaning the carrots that were looking so very dirty in a dirty water pool. The result was fresh looking carrots that looked awesome.


I know a lot of our local food commodities are being prepared in an awkward way. Palani Panchamirtham is said to be done like this. I've heard the Dates are being crushed by elephants. A lot more and a lot more. But whats the big deal, uh !!

Ignorance is Bliss.

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