Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Agalakkattalai !

BSNL Dataone is improving its speed. On all plans (except the poor Unlimited 900 and 900+ plans), the speed would vary from 256 Kbps upto 2 Mbps. And the super-hit plan Home 500, gets a un-metered download limit of 2.5 GB.

People who subscribed for the Home 250 plan can take a jump. They would get 1 GB download limit.
By far, i think the Home 250 plan is the cheapest in the market, and BSNL adds more value to this pack by increasing speed and allowing more downloads.

I think this is a terrific move. Most of the subscribers may not even realize the worth of this speed revision. I wish atleast Airtel and Tata understand and revise their plans, accordingly.

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narayanan said...

So far, I see this offer only for Madras, havent seen this in BangaloreTelecom site yet. The Home 500 plan looks good, 2.5 GB is a pretty reasonable BW for moderate usage.