Monday, December 18, 2006

Dilbert Rocks !

de-Best of Dilbert.

Have you ever faced this situation ?
You are angry, and you completely realize that expressing that piece of anger had just become meaningless.
What do you do ?

The Ammanji kids, i've seen (once I've been), used to be blamed for no reasons. Then when found innocent, the parents ask for an excuse. The kids who have been burning-red with anger until then, will break out by crying out loud. Thats how they express the Residual Hatred (see picture) in them.

But Im not sure how this happens over a grown up man. I've never come across such a situation, where the reasoning happens before expression. I see such a situation possible. Wonder how I'll handle it.


Narayanan said...

Grown ups:

1. vent their residual hatred to someone else, mostly their parents, life-partners or the closest friends. Havent you heard a polambal anytime ?

2. shrug it off and get on with life. If it is that trivial.

3. Dont react immediately and lose it on a overnight sleep.

Whatever happens, people I know dont show it on their face. Perhaps apologize and leave the scene.

No matter whatever reasoning happens, I've seen 1 and 3 happen quite often (atleast with me).

Keerthi said...

Narayanan, Yeah.. this is without reasoning before vent. Appadi nadandha enna aagum ?