Friday, December 01, 2006

Kodai Blast

Some photos taken @ Kodaikanal ! For Your Eyes Only


How long can you keep watching a monkey ?
As long as you can watch an idle Elephant, empty tracks, running water and midnight stars.


In a smallest pit, blossomed the most colorful flowers.
You shine in your place, and struggle not to be seen. Your Discoverer will come unto you, and show the world your colors.


The future is Mystic. It is fun to walk into the future when it is not visible.


Even a dead tree is a warm house for a happy family.


When you climb the tallest of mountains, Sky is very nearby. It is not touching the sky thats important. It is the climbing that is.


v v said...

Very 'Keerthi-ful'

Strider said...

amazing pics!

never been to kodaikanal ..
Added it to must-see list now!

Ravi said...

Keerthi, neegala indhai ellam 'click' panneenga? Very very nice and very very professional. I esp loved the little flowers.

Jeevan said...

wow! Wonderful photo's keerthi. Hope u enjoy your trip to kodai:)

monu said...

loved the little lines below the pic
and very cute monkey!!

Me too said...

Nice pictures, as always!!

Keerthi said...

Thanks all ! Twas a great trip for me and my camera. Wacth out for more pics from Kodai.

Keerthivasan Ambi said...

beautiful friend - u breathe life and meaning into even the most mundane sights. Fantastic!