Thursday, December 14, 2006

Lukka Chuppi

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Lukka Chuppi is nominated at the Oscars in the Original Scores category. AR Rahman's classic masterpiece deserves it and more. The song melts with Lata's voice. Now how can an instrument equal Lata's voice? Listen to the audio here, and you will know. AR Rahman - da - God.

Also Khalbali and Chan Chan from Water seems to have entered nominations. 3 out of 56 belongs to Rahman. Kudos !!

Dont know if you realize, almost all songs from Water are top-class. I wish AR Rahman wins the award, and more than that, I wish Lukka Chuppi gets it.

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Anonymous said...

Great song! But i feel ARR even outperformed Lataji. The moment he starts singing he straightaway put her to dust. Something impossible to think but true i guess